Unleash the Advantages of 
New Look Wiper Blades

Strong Water Repellent Effect - Crystal-Clear Vision

Discover the superior hydrophobic characteristic of our wiper blades. Unlike ordinary silicone rubber, which has a high friction coefficient and may result in jitter, chatter, and noise, our specially modified silica gel material offers the best of both worlds.

With a low surface tension, our wiper blades effectively repel water, providing clearer vision even in heavy rainfall. We have overcome the limitations of ordinary silicone rubber, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on noise, tearing, or excessive friction. 

Experience the difference with New Look silicone wiper blades — where hydrophobicity meets smooth, quiet wiping action. Say goodbye to subpar wipers and embrace the advanced technology that keeps your windshield clear, even in challenging weather conditions.
Experience the remarkable technology of New Look Silicone Wiper Blades that creates an invisible water-repellent film coating on your windshield. In just 3 minutes of moving the wiper blade across a clean, dry surface, this innovative coating fills the gaps between water molecules, resulting in continuous water beading and deflecting raindrops in adverse weather conditions.

At speeds of 80 km/h, you'll witness raindrops effortlessly rolling backwards and bouncing off the glass, providing a clear view without the need to activate the wiper. This advanced feature significantly reduces the frequency of manual wiping during rain, ensuring your safety on the road. 

Enjoy enhanced driving confidence and convenience with New Look Silicone Wiper Blades. Say goodbye to blurred vision and welcome a clear windshield that keeps you focused on the journey ahead, even in challenging weather conditions.

Sustainable Lifetime Coating

The key difference between New Look silicone wiper blades and normal silicone wipers lies in their sustainable lifetime coating effect. While both types may initially provide a water-repellent effect, ordinary silicone wipers gradually lose their coating over time, leading to diminished performance, noise, and streaking. 

In contrast, New Look silicone wiper blades feature a special water-repellent factor embedded within the wiper refills. Every time the wipers are activated, this unique factor automatically restores the coating, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent water-repellent effect. 

With New Look silicone wiper blades, you can enjoy clear visibility and smooth wiping action without the worries of diminished performance or irritating noise. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly reapplying coatings or dealing with deteriorating performance. Choose New Look for wiper blades that provide a sustained coating effect, ensuring optimal performance for the duration of their lifespan.
Good coating technology creates good water repellent effect. The sustainable lifetime coating technology makes the coating on the surface of the glass smooth and even, so that the contact angle of the water droplets is increased, which makes it easier to form a spherical shape and flow smoothly!

Good Weather Resistance - Super Longer Blade Life

Say goodbye to the issues of aging and cracking that plague ordinary rubber wiper blades. New Look's modified silica material is engineered for exceptional weather resistance, ensuring reliable performance even under harsh environmental conditions. With no deformation at high temperatures up to 250℃ and no hardening at low temperatures down to -50℃, our wiper blades are built to withstand extreme temperature variations. They remain flexible and effective, providing consistent wiping action regardless of the weather. 

The superior weather resistance of our wiper blades is further enhanced by their resistance to ozone, UV rays, and chemicals. Unlike traditional rubber blades, our advanced material is not affected by ultraviolet rays, resulting in an extended lifespan. 

Choose New Look for wiper blades that are built to last, providing durability and performance in any weather condition. Experience the difference of our weather-resistant silica material and enjoy reliable wiping action for miles to come.

Using Premium Materials Without Compromise


Japan Mita silicone rubber refills with special water repellent factors


High Elastic Super Memory Steel with a width of 14mm for Superior Elasticity and Fatigue Resistance


Specially Selected Zinc-Alloy Connector for Strong and Stable Wiper Blade Structure

Aerodynamic Design for Optimal Performance

According to the aerodynamic principle, the product appearance is carefully designed to provide better air guiding effect and reduce the air resistance in use.

Smooth and Quiet

The modified silica gel material addresses the high coefficient of friction typically associated with silicone wiper blades. By incorporating a special coating film from Japan, our wiper blades effectively reduce friction, eliminate jitter, and operate quietly without any noise. 

Additionally, our silicone wiper blades can be used in combination with washer liquid-type coating agents available in the market. Since the interface material is the same, the synergy between the two products enhances the water-repellent effect. However, it's important to note that when using ordinary rubber wipers with water-repellent glass treated with glass repellents and cleaners, skipping may occur. 

With our modified silica gel material, you can enjoy the benefits of smooth, noise-free wiping action while having the option to enhance the water-repellent effect with compatible washer liquid-type coating agents. Experience the difference with our advanced wiper blades that offer improved performance and convenience.

Safe, Environmentally Friendly, and Stable Performance

Silica gel material, a globally recognized environmentally friendly substance, finds extensive use in various aspects of people's lives. It offers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Safety: Silica gel material is safe to handle and use. When burned, it transforms into white powder without releasing harmful substances or gases, ensuring the well-being of both users and the environment
  2. Stability: Silica gel material exhibits remarkable stability, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting and reliable performance. It withstands diverse environmental conditions, ensuring consistent functionality over time. 
  3. Environmental Friendliness: As an environmentally friendly material, silica gel is widely embraced due to its low ecological impact. By incorporating this material into our products, we contribute to the preservation of our planet's health.

Choose our wiper blades crafted from environmentally friendly silica gel material. Embrace safety, environmental responsibility, and stability as you experience the exceptional performance of our products. Join us in making a positive impact on our world while enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge technology.